In general, Prices start at $150 for a 1” dent, located on a flat spot on standard metal. Each additional inch adds $50. There are other factors that increase the difficulty and cost such as bodyline repairs, deep damage, aluminum, accessibility with tooling, glue pull difficulty, and removal and re-install (R&I) of parts. Each additional dent on the same vehicle is priced at a discounted rate. Each dent is unique, therefore it’s always best to come by the shop for a visual inspection. To get the process started you may submit your information using our web contact form or text us a few photos from 3 feet away at an angle. This helps us to determine whether the damage qualifies for PDR. We provide ball park estimates (within $50-$100 range) using quality photos as a courtesy to our customers. However, a final firm estimate can only be provided once the vehicle has been inspected by the technician doing the repair.

Paintless dent repair is a collection of techniques and is alot more complicated to finish professionally, than merely popping out a dent. Because each repair is unique to the damage (with individual problems to solve) we may need to add labour and associated fees which are not included in the actual dent repair cost above. You would be surprised how much effort is required to fix a small dent.

PDR service is unique in that there is a massive spectrum of abilities. For example, it is not uncommon to hear that bodyline PDR cannot be repaired or the attempted repair will crack the paint; however, there are PDR technicians that repair a high volume of bodyline PDR on a daily basis. The technicians that can routinely repair bodyline dents have spent a great deal of sweat equity and and some capital equity to make bodyline dent repair possible.