Why PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)?

PDR is the absolute best solution when it comes to repairing your minor dents, dings, creases and Hail damage. What we offer is a great insurance claim alternative and the repairs take little time compared to conventional methods. PDR is the only Eco friendly repair option with zero impact on the environment. Your body panels are never replaced or repainted! This means no bondo and filler are used thus eliminating the need to blend colour into adjacent panels when repainting.

How does it work?

Highly skilled technicians use specialized tools and lighting to reverse the damage. PDR is truly a modern art form that requires patience and many years of experience. We commonly use tools to apply controlled pressure to the backside of the dent and meticulously re-form the metal back to its original position. We also utilize a unique Glue pulling or GPDR method. This process allows for a non-invasive repair that molds the metal back to form. No painting is ever required, so you don’t have to worry about colour match, losing your precious original finish or that custom paint job. We at Precision Dent Repair pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest tools and trends. This means we can often fix larger, complex damage that no one thought was possible only a few years ago. We also are capable of fixing damage that others may claim isn’t possible. We are Vale, ARC and IMI Electric Vehicle certified so you can guarantee your “pride and joy” is in capable hands.

However, there are limitations to what we can repair with PDR. Especially when the paint has been compromised so badly that it requires repainting. The metal also has a stretch threshold which can hinder our ability to achieve a flat, smooth finish. When the damage is too far gone for paintless dent repair, a traditional Autobody repair is your next best option. We’ve established many good relationships with local partners and would be happy to make a suitable recommendation.

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

In general, Prices start at $150 for a 1” dent, located on a flat spot on standard metal. Each additional inch adds $50. There are other factors that increase the difficulty and cost such as bodyline repairs, deep damage, aluminum, accessibility with tooling, glue pull difficulty, and removal and re-install (R&I) of parts. Each additional dent on the same vehicle is priced at a discounted rate. Each dent is unique, therefore it’s always best to come by the shop for a visual inspection. To get the process started you may submit your information using our web contact form or text us a few photos from 3 feet away at an angle. This helps us to determine whether the damage qualifies for PDR. We provide ball park estimates (within $50-$100 range) using quality photos as a courtesy to our customers. However, a final firm estimate can only be provided once the vehicle has been inspected by the technician doing the repair.

How long does it take?

PDR is a great way to save time compared to leaving your car with an Autobody shop for 4-5 days. Our repair process can range between 1-2 hours for smaller dents and up to 1-2 days for larger more complex damage.

Do I need to make an insurance claim?

PDR is a great insurance claim alternative. Afterwards, No record of the repair is connected to your vin #. Avoiding a Carfax also helps maintain the true value of your car if you ever choose to sell or trade your investment in the future.

In some cases, the damage may be severe enough to warrant an insurance claim. It’s possible that your deductible is much less than the total cost of the repair. This is usually the case with Hail damage. Rest assured that a claim for Hail damage or incidental dents & dings may be classified as “comprehensive” and not affect your premiums. It’s always best to consult with your insurance provider before moving forward with a claim.