Precision Dent Repair is an auto body repair shop providing full-service mobile paintless dent repair and auto hail repair for your vehicles. Our expert team of PDR technicians are skilled at repair and restore works. They always pay great attention to detail ensuring that the repairs are fully completed and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Our PDR service includes reduced labor time as it is only a quick process without having extended body works involved.

On top of that, it is environment-friendly as it does not require the use of paint that can harm the environment. Additionally, it preserves both the appearance and value of your vehicles whether it is damaged by a hailstorm or has been dented due to minor collision, shopping trolleys or car doors. Lastly, it offers a more convenient approach to repairing dents with reasonable costs

If you need additional information not provided by our site, please do not hesitate to give us a call and contact us personally for more details you want to acquire. We can be reached through text or phone call and via email – details provided at the lower side of the page. We are locally owned and operates in the area of Hamilton and Burlington, Canada .